Meet the Maker

Kristen has been making and experimenting with clay in Toronto since 2018. In addition to her full-time job, Kristen works as a wheel instructor and runs a ceramics blog in her spare time.
She came into her beginner classes with high expectations and was quickly humbled by the craft. However, after weeks of struggling, Kristen found her rhythm and also the peace and mindfulness that comes with being fully engrossed in the movement of the clay.
Kristen uses pottery as a creative outlet and loves to experiment with new techniques, styles and forms. Kristen's long term goal is to develop her technical skills and expertise of the making process through continued learning and practice.
In the classroom, Kristen creates a feeling of community with her students, sharing in the amazing complexities and unlimited opportunities that pottery has to offer. She loves to push her students to take risks and fully embrace the imperfection and evolution that comes with being new at something. She is passionate about art and design and loves being able to share this passion with students.
To attend her class, check out Clay With Me and look for her class availability. Also, check out her blog, The Dirt Journal, to see where she researches and shares information on everything ceramics related.
You can also find her on Instagram @gardenofweedenceramics