That's right - even pottery can be more sustainable!

Although making functional ceramic pieces out of natural materials decreases the need for disposable plastic versions of the same items, firing pots in a high temperature kiln creates emissions in the environment. 

What is Garden of Weeden doing to make pottery more sustainable?

  • % of Proceeds go to Environmentally Conscious Organizations and Community Support 
    • 5% of every purchase goes to a selection of organizations that are rotated on a quarterly bases
  • Recycled Packaging
    • All packaging is recycled from other packages: donated by family, friends and community members
  • Compostable Seed Paper Cards (Coming Soon!)
    • Supplementary material included in your order is printed on compostable seed paper - throw it in your garden and sprout wildflowers

 Supported Organizations:


If you're a potter looking to make more sustainable choices in your studio, check out my post on Environmentally Conscious Pottery on my blog!